Escaping Ciara & Dennis

Escaping Ciara & Dennis

Half Term February

Escaping Ciara & Dennis to Enjoy a Warm Weather Training Camp

This February has certainly had its fair share of crazy, unpredictable weather. It’s during these cold, windy, rainy and generally miserable days, that a warm-weather training camp is nice to have on the calendar.

Currently, some of our team are visiting athletes & coaches in Lanzarote, Cyprus, and Fuerteventura. We love meeting teams in person, which is a feature unique to Sports Abroad and one which helps us to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.  It’s also a great opportunity to check that our hotels and pools are delivering our high standards to the best of their ability. 

Fun in the Sun!

Above are a few teams currently enjoying their training camps! Featured are Heart of Midlothian, City of Glasgow, Israel Swimming, Midlothian Swim Club, East Lothian Swim Club & Hillerød Svømeklub.